Weekly Wine Roundup

Weekly Wine Roundup 11/15/15

I taste and drink a lot of wine (surprise!). Why do you care? It means that I have a lot of wine reviews I share on Delectable, a wine review app. Obviously, not everyone is on the app (available for iPhone only right now). It’s also too many wines to write individual reviews on here. Several posts a day isn’t feasible for me! So I decided to start a weekly roundup of the wines I’ve tasted each week with a short review and personal, subjective grade published every Monday. I also include how I received the wine and where you can get it, along with the current price or price I paid for it.

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is near! Where did the year go? I’m so not ready for Christmas. I’m one of those that waits until at least Thanksgiving Day is over before I decorate (unlike my neighbors who are all shiny and bright with Christmas lights since the beginning of November). The holidays seem to be pushed earlier and earlier. Soon we’ll be getting decorating for Christmas in March. When do you start getting ready for Christmas?

On to wine…here’s my reviews for week of November 15, 2015.

Bodegas Castillo de Maeterra Natural Condicion Albarino 2012 – Such a beautiful gold hue with platinum flecks. Silky honeydew melon overwhelms at first, but then it opens up to delicate citrus blossom, papaya, grapefruit pit, and lemon, followed by salty wet stone on the long persistent finish. Unusual, but delicious. B+ (Purchased from Wineawesomeness.com as a 3 box bundle $45.00)

Poggio Anima Asmodeus Sicilia Nero d’Avola 2013 – Bold mentholated black cherry bomb! Lots of flavor exploding on the tongue. Plum, licorice, star anise, sage, mint, sour cherries, red chili spice, chewing tobacco. Highly acidic and medium high tannins. B- (Purchased from Wineawesomeness.com as a 3 box bundle $45.00)

Three River’s Winery River’s Red Blend 2012 – Big and bold! So much going on! Bursts of mulberry, blackberry, dried strawberry, and thick raspberry sauce. On the back end creeps up the cigar box made of woodsy cedar dipped in plums and five spice powder. Highly acidic and already showing signs of oxidation. B- (Purchased from Wineawesomeness.com as a 3 box bundle $45.00)

Crossing Vineyards Signature Blend N.V. – I’m a huge fan of Bordeaux blends! Blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Merlot. Soft plum, juicy blackberry, ripe berries layered over espresso and chocolate. Hints of caramelized raisin, and the tiniest bit of tobacco leaves. Deep purple red hue. Medium bodied. Heady and sultry! A- (Purchased $23)

Hauser Estate Winery Wheatfield White N.V. – Holy acidity, Batman! Grapefruit and juicy pear, green apple skin, tints of minerality on the clean finish. But the acidity worked with a heavy German meal. Cut right through the richness like knife through butter. The Vidal Blanc seems much more present with a hint of the Traminette peeping through. C+ (Purchased $14.99)

Blair Vineyards Three Sisters Red Blend N.V. – A blend of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, & Merlot. Rich claret in color, medium bodied. Plum, black cherries, violet, subtle spicy pepper. Chewy tobacco leaves linger behind. A spicy smooth mistress leaving a wisp of smoke in the air. Delicious with Bacon & Tomato with Roasted Garlic Pasta. B+ (Purchased $13.99)

Tavernello Vino Rosso D’Italia N.V. – I was totally surprised that it smells like a chocolate plum port and tastes similar to one, too. Not what I was expecting at all. Raspberry, chocolate, espresso, plum, raisiny, a bit oxidized. The nose is sweet, rich but tastes dry, smooth and soft with a burst of acidity. Crisp, lingering finish. Light to  Medium bodied. Easygoing table wine. C+ (WineOutlet.com $7.99 Had at a friend’s house)

Big Cork Vineyards 2013 Malbec – Deep violet hue with edges of ruby. Soft, fruit forward, juicy blackberry, cassis, tobacco leaf, and mulberry. Grippy tannins kissing my mouth. Lip smacking. Could benefit from a 2-3 more years of aging to hopefully soften the tannins. I wish I had waited. Isn’t that always the case? B- (Purchased $32.00)

Clover Hill Generations Sparkling Pinot Noir N.V. – Beautiful delicate bubbles that tickle the nose. The cherry pink hue is like a light hued ruby hem. However, it tastes like a sour cherry. Little bits of creme brûlée and almond paste trickle through the back. The finish is pleasant but the beginning is unsettling. It’s like picking up a hooker on the corner in a trashy hot pink lame mini only to find out she’s a girl next door on the inside. The interior and exterior don’t match. C- (Purchased $25 No Longer Available)




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