Weekly Wine Roundup

Weekly Wine Roundup 11/23/15

I taste and drink a lot of wine (surprise!). Why do you care? It means that I have a lot of wine reviews I share on Delectable, a wine review app. Obviously, not everyone is on the app (available for iPhone only right now). It’s also too many wines to write individual reviews on here. Several posts a day isn’t feasible for me! So I decided to start a weekly roundup of the wines I’ve tasted each week with a short review and personal, subjective grade published every Monday. I also include how I received the wine and where you can get it, along with the current price or price I paid for it.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. What wines did you have for the big day? Believe it or not, I didn’t have any with my Thanksgiving dinner. Sacrilegious for a wine writer, I know. It was out of respect for those I was with who don’t consume alcohol (it was their house). I made up for it, though, as you can see below!

On to wine…here’s my reviews for week of November 23, 2015.

Stone Mountain Wine Cellars Vidal N.V. – Semi-sweet Vidal Blanc. Succulent green apple, candied pineapple, whisper of lilies, silky caramel, hints of hazelnuts and juicy apricot. So deliciously round and full like a Rubenesque woman lounging on a chaise, draped in white silk, dripping apple juices down her rounded chin. B+ (Purchased $10.00)

Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Carmenere 2013 – Juicy blackberry dipped in dark chocolate, piney raisins, tobacco leaves, and a dash of black pepper. Soft, rich, easy finish. It’s the tango – slow and sultry, a flash of bare leg, a twist of berry-stained lips, a simmering lust. B+ (Purchased state store $8.99)

Blue Mountain Vineyards Late Harvest Vidal Blanc 2013 – Rich apricot, juicy tangerine, slick honey on the finish. The faintest hint of nutty caramel creeps through at the end. Delicious with blue cheese, toasted walnuts, and pears. B+ (Purchased $9.00)

Blue Mountain Vineyards Harvest Moon (2015) – 100% Seyval Blanc Late Harvest. Wicked smooth! Full-bodied, rich, silky dessert wine with notes of nutty caramel, apricot, peach, mango, and honeyed melon. It’s like slipping into silky shimmering white sheets and wrapping yourself in a white fur blanket, luxurious and sensual. Closest you can get to an Ice Wine in a Late Harvest. It’s available directly from the vineyard, but you have to call to order it. Very limited quantities. A+ (Purchased $22.50)

Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux Brut Chardonnay – My first thought was “gimmick.” Blue sparkling wine? The nose smells like Maine blueberry syrup, suggesting a sweetness, but it’s deliciously dry and smooth. Surprisingly the blueberry is delicate, hints of freshly made blueberry jam, toasted almonds, whisper of a lemon tingle. The color is gorgeous! A light, crystal turquoise the color of the sea. The bottle is pure sexy elegance. This is on my New Year’s Eve list now! A (Friend shared her bottle…Lucky me! But you can get it on the vineyard’s website $24.95)

Maiolatesi Wine Cellars 2010 Sangiovese – Lots of tart black cherry, plum, sage, blackberry, and hints of tobacco. The tannins are a bit grippy, like putting a teabag in your mouth and sucking on it. It was good with Chicken Francese, lasagna, and ravioli. C+ (Purchased $12.99)

Blue Mountain Vineyards 2014 Sauvignon Blanc – Succulent tropical fruit dances on my tongue! Incredibly fruit forward with notes of grapefruit, mango, pineapple, peach with a crisp mineral finish that keeps it clean and mouthwatering. Delicious with fresh sushi. B+ (Purchased $15.00)


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