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Merlot, Football,and Roast Beef

So I was going to write a blog post, and then I stumbled across this gem by Ron Washam, aka Hose Master. And damn it…what am I supposed to write about now? He killed all of my proposed ideas for a wine blog post.

To be honest, ironically I was writing a post earlier today about Old World wines versus New World wines…snooze fest! Even I got bored with it and stopped writing. I have determined long ago that if I’m struggling to write a post because it’s feeling forced, maybe it’s not meant to be written right now or ever.

So instead of writing that post, I’m sitting here drinking a 2002 Merlot from Blue Mountain Vineyards, watching the Steelers football game, and writing this post. This Merlot was perfectly paired with roast beef, roasted carrots and potatoes. It screams for that juicy beefy meat. It’s also the perfect sipper to watch the Eagles (!) beat…yes, I said BEAT, the Patriots!!! (grammar snobs, curse my multiple exclamation points, but it deserves it.) I’m not a fan of either team, but to see an almost undefeated team get spanked by a team who has been losing all season was quite satisfying (sorry Pats fans). The Steelers on the other hand? It’s a tough year to admit you’re a fan. I miss Polamalu something fierce. James Harrision (my man) came out of retirement, but he’s been persona non grata for most of the season. So much for that hope.

As a matter of fact, I’m about to quit watching the game right now. Our Special Teams sucks. Jones lost the ball again. I think it’s time he’s pulled from the game, and apparently Coach Tomlin agrees. Anyways…this is a wine blog, not a football blog, although I did warn that other things may appear at times, especially during football season! All the more reason to drink this Merlot…to drown my sorrows of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

About that Merlot – deliciously rich, juicy blackberry, ripe black cherry, notes of tobacco, hints of leather, subtle violet, and just a whisper of forest floor and pine. Medium bodied, soft, and smooth as silk with a slight bite of tannin. Everything I look for in a Merlot. I’m in heaven. These are the kinds of Merlots that Blue Mountain Vineyards is known for and have won International medals. Perfect for this kind of chilly night with football, roasted meat, Christmas lights, and leather couches.

Wait, what! I’m interrupting this post to say we actually just scored a TOUCHDOWN! We’re in the lead! Miracles can happen! Okay…back to our regular programming. We’re talking about Merlot, a wine that does and should caress your palate. In a blind tasting, BMV’s Merlot might even be mistaken for a Cabernet Sauvignon.  Despite the infamous Sideways swipe (“If anyone orders Merlot, I’m leaving”), sales of Merlot in the U.S. are more than double those of Pinot Noir, the next bestselling red wine.

In fact, I’m texting with a friend at the same time I’m writing this post and we’re talking about what constitutes a sexy woman (multitasking at it’s best). It’s what I think also constitutes a sexy Merlot. Soft, sensual, confident, but subtle. It hints at what’s to come; not in your face flashing all its goods. Complex, but approachable. An excellent Merlot should always leave you wanting more… and my glass is empty.

I want more. And a Steelers win.


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