Weekly Wine Roundup

Weekly Wine Roundup 11/30/15

I taste and drink a lot of wine (surprise!). Why do you care? It means that I have a lot of wine reviews I share on Delectable, a wine review app. Obviously, not everyone is on the app (available for iPhone only right now). It’s also too many wines to write individual reviews on here. Several posts a day isn’t feasible for me! So I decided to start a weekly roundup of the wines I’ve tasted each week with a short review and personal, subjective grade published every Monday. I also include how I received the wine and where you can get it, along with the current price or price I paid for it.

December 4th was the first Annual Cabernet Franc Day, started by Lori and Mike from Dracaena Wines in New Jersey, who focus solely on Cabernet Franc right now (I’m dying to get my hands on a bottle of their wine.) We had our first tweet-up on Twitter to celebrate #CabFrancDay. Pretty awesome! This also means I drank a lot of Cabernet Franc this week. I had to try several to compare them…all part of the job right? If you’ve never had a Cabernet Franc, definitely try it.

Here are my wine reviews for week of November 30, 2015.

Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseux Brut – The nose smells like blueberry syrup. The color is gorgeous! A light, crystal turquoise the color of the sea. Surprisingly the blueberry is delicate, hints of freshly made blueberry jam, toasted almonds, whisper of a lemon tingle. Delightful! A- (Purchased PA state store $19.99, available on website)

Blue Mountain Vineyards 2013 Cabernet Franc – Exquisitely soft with notes of black cherry, black raspberry, tomato, green olives followed by tomato leaf, a wash of spicy black pepper, and a lingering finish of subtle tobacco, oregano, and black fruit. An Old World style Cab Franc I could easily fall in love with. A- (Sample, SRP $35.00 at winery)

Tolino Vineyards 2010 Cabernet Franc – I had a hard time rating this. As a wine, absolutely delicious! As a Cab Franc, decidedly New World. Deep and rich with blackberry, mocha, mint, cola, oregano, and almost no spice or pepperiness. Inky violet color with plum edges and fiery red when the light hits it. Very fruit forward and full bodied. It’s more reminiscent of a Cabernet Sauvignon. I can’t find the typical characteristics of this varietal. Surprisingly, I miss the spicy pepper. Good thing or bad thing? I don’t know. A- (Purchased $24.99)

Unami Ridge Winery 2011 Cabernet Franc – I shouldn’t even rate this, but I must have liked it at one point since I bought it. I’m finding Unami’s wines aren’t made to last. This is only a 2011 and the fruit is almost gone. It’s a pale, watery shadow of its formal self. This is the second wine I’ve had from them that didn’t last. Disappointing. D- (Purchased, I don’t have record of the price)

Hauser Estate Winery 2012 Cabernet Franc – Notes of black cherry, tomato, olive, red plum, cedar, black raspberries, and mocha with just a hint of roasted jalapeño. Moderate acidity. Clear ruby purple color. Would be perfect for pizza night! B- (Purchased $23.99)

What have you been drinking this week?




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