Weekly Wine Roundup

Weekly Wine Roundup 12/7/15

I taste and drink a lot of wine (surprise!). Why do you care? It means that I have a lot of wine reviews I share on Delectable, a wine review app. Obviously, not everyone is on the app (available for iPhone only right now). It’s also too many wines to write individual reviews on here. Several posts a day isn’t feasible for me! So I decided to start a weekly roundup of the wines I’ve tasted each week with a short review and personal, subjective grade published every Monday. I also include how I received the wine and where you can get it, along with the current price or price I paid for it.

Sadly I didn’t taste as many wines this week as I would have liked! Working too much at my full time job put a damper on it. However, the few that I did have were worth it.

Bully Hill Vineyards Seasons White Blend – Luscious fruit of apples, pears, and peaches. Feels like biting into juicy fruit dripping down my chin. Dark burnished gold in color. Semi-sweet, lacking a little in acidity to cut the thick fruitiness. Good with Schezuan dumplings. B- (Purchased $9.99)

Beneduce Vineyards 2013 Three Windows Riesling – First, the cork was really stuck in this wine! Almost like it was too tight for the bottle. Then the flavor seemed to be nonexistent, until I let it sit for a bit and used an aerator. Extremely clean, crisp, acidic, with a bit of spritz on the tongue. After letting it breathe for at least an hour, I’m finally getting hints of green apple, pineapple, and faint lily on the nose. Similar notes on the tongue with added apricot and grassy, bright mineral finish. Very little RS. The color is a pale watery sunshine. C+ (Purchased $17.99)

McGregor Vineyard 2010 Black Russian Red – Rare blend of Sereksiya and Saperavi grapes. Inky purple hue with a ruby tinge on the edges. Full-bodied, intense notes of cranberries, baked plum, blackberry, elderberries, earthiness. Bold toasted oak and grippy tannins. Cellar worthy. (Blog post coming soon specifically about this wine) A+ (Purchased $60.00)

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