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Finally, A Vacation With Summer Ale & Ozymandias Wine

After a month of craziness I’m finally getting a chance to catch up a bit here. Work at the winery has been a little nutty with trying to implement a new point of sale system. This all came about because of the new credit card chips and having to get a new credit card system in order to be compliant with the laws. We thought why not upgrade everything at the same time? I can see you’re head shaking already. While it was supposed to be wonderful and custom made for us, it’s been nothing but difficult. Shouldn’t be a big surprise, I suppose, because it seems nothing in life is ever easy, especially if it claims to be easy!

After such a stressful month, I’m finally on vacation at Virginia Beach. Being by the water is like being home in my soul. Within a day, I begin to relax. We’re staying on Back Bay in the midst of the National Wildlife Refuge, but our place is only 3 blocks from the ocean at Sandbridge Beach. Can you say perfection? It’s so peaceful to wake up and go to sleep to the music of the bullfrogs and cicadas on the bay right outside our window. The only downside…it’s freakin’ HOT. It may only be 84 degrees, but with the 80% humidity and baking sun, the RealFeel is around 95-100 degrees. Thank God for the pool, ocean, and air conditioning!

I’ll admit, with this heat I haven’t been drinking as much wine as I have cold beer. Especially with the local fresh fried seafood. There’s something about the citrusy spicy hops and fried seafood that is delicious! I’m especially loving Sam Adams Summer Ale. I know, it’s not craft beer or a special IPA, etc. I’m a wino, not a beer connosieur. My brother would be disappointed in my lack of beer creativity, although at least it’s Sam Adams (he works for them).

Although I did bring a special wine with me that was a gift from Rafe D’Amico, President and founder of Ozymandias Wines, which I cracked open for dinner the other night. It’s a collaboration of high quality wine and fine art, two of my favorite things. The goal of Ozymandias Wines is to build an art legacy through the enjoyment of wine.  “I realize there are basic human needs which take priority over someone’s art project, but to me art captures our history and conveys our shared humanity even with whom we see as our enemies. Sometimes all which remains of a culture is their art and the things which they’ve created to tell their story. It’s during this time, with these events, I recalled Shelley’s poem, and looked to marry my two greatest passions of wine and art.” (Rafe D’Amico) Artists benefit financially and publicly from the collaboration and wine lovers benefit from a unique partnership and stunning wine.

2013 Ozymandias Wine Red Blend 

Their first wine and art creation is wicked smooth with a slight cedar smoke, tobacco leaf, blueberry skins, black cherry, velvety plum, and dried cranberries. Rustic, complex touches on the palate that make it sing. Red blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Cabernet Franc, and 3% Petite Verdot. Absolutely delicious with grilled steak!

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