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2000 Chateau Musar Red

One of the benefits of being in WSET Level 3 is the wines I get to taste each week. A standout and eye-opener I had on Tuesday was a 2000 Chateau Musar Red. The wines of Chateau Musar are unique expressions from a country with an ancient wine-making culture, as vines have been cultivated from Lebanon’s high altitude Bekaa Valley for…

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Is Wine Tasting Out of Control?

Going to a winery tasting room used to mean a day of relaxation while sipping a glass of wine, taking in the view, and maybe listening to acoustic music that complements the atmosphere. Wine tasting meant learning about the wines and where they came from with a little wine education thrown in for good measure. You were entertained by your…

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What is Blind Wine Tasting?

On January 23, I start the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 3 Award in Wines. It is a high-level course in wines for those working with wines or the serious wine enthusiast. According to WSET 3, “This course will develop to a high-level your ability to describe wine accurately, and account in detail for the style, quality and price of wines. Our…

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2017: A Year of Difficult Change

At the beginning of 2017, the word I chose to guide my year was Peace. By the end of 2017, all I could do was laugh, and at times cry because peace felt elusive all year. To say 2017 was challenging, personally and professionally, is an understatement. Instead of peace, it was a year of change. The word change held negative connotations for…

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Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Pairings: Drink Local

Thanksgiving! It’s the one day of the year when wine is most likely to appear on American dinner tables. Selecting which wines will best complement your menu and appeal to your guests with individual taste preferences is always a bit challenging. But let’s get one thing straight first: There’s not a “right” or “wrong” wine to sip with your dinner. It all comes down to personal preference – but there are wines that just might be more likely to send you to sensory elation, and impress your guests.

Book Review

Book Review: Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker

Bosker’s humorous and honest writing lured me in, and kept me there, even when it delved into more of a wine “lecture” at times. It made me want to live what she was living, experience what she was experiencing. Since I couldn’t quite do that, nor did I think being a stalker would look good on my resume, I decided to take her advice to further my wine interest/career. When she recommended a website, I looked it up. When she mentioned a flash card app that she uses (Cram), I downloaded it. When she talked with a person, be it sommelier, winemaker, bar owner, scientist, or whoever, I Googled them. Sometimes I connected with them on social media. Okay…that may have a sense of the stalkerish vibe, but I promise I’m not. I’m really not.


It’s Harvest Time!

It’s harvest time in the Lehigh Valley! Harvest is an exciting time, but also full of fear, frustration, and keeping your fingers crossed that Mother Nature is kind. Several vineyards have started picking their grapes for the 2017 vintage. The harvest season for Pennsylvania (and most of the East Coast) is typically mid-August to early October. According to Rich Wooley,…

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Current Events

Get-Tough Laws Affect More Than Just Immigrants

Say you are looking for a job. You find an advertisement for a seasonal farm worker for a vineyard that pays $18.00 an hour. Sounds great, right? Until you realize what the actual job entails. First, it’s seasonal, so laborers have to alternate between long stretches without any income and then months of 60-hour weeks. They work in extreme heat…

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