Book Review

Book Review: Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker

Bosker’s humorous and honest writing lured me in, and kept me there, even when it delved into more of a wine “lecture” at times. It made me want to live what she was living, experience what she was experiencing. Since I couldn’t quite do that, nor did I think being a stalker would look good on my resume, I decided to take her advice to further my wine interest/career. When she recommended a website, I looked it up. When she mentioned a flash card app that she uses (Cram), I downloaded it. When she talked with a person, be it sommelier, winemaker, bar owner, scientist, or whoever, I Googled them. Sometimes I connected with them on social media. Okay…that may have a sense of the stalkerish vibe, but I promise I’m not. I’m really not.