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Thanksgiving Dinner Wine Pairings: Drink Local

Thanksgiving! It’s the one day of the year when wine is most likely to appear on American dinner tables. Selecting which wines will best complement your menu and appeal to your guests with individual taste preferences is always a bit challenging. But let’s get one thing straight first: There’s not a “right” or “wrong” wine to sip with your dinner. It all comes down to personal preference – but there are wines that just might be more likely to send you to sensory elation, and impress your guests.

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There is tragedy happening all over the world at this time. We mourn it all and Paris represents that whole. It is echoing the shared pain of violence throughout the world. If we stood vigil for each and every tragedy, we would never sleep. We weep for every life, inadvertently or deliberately marred by senseless violence. Paris has shown that…

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A Pairing Dilemma…Bacon S’Mores?

I was invited to participate in a Wine Writing Challenge which you can find here and the theme is “Pairing.” Pairing is an easy topic for wine as we’re always trying to figure out what wine goes with what food. It’s even gone so far as to pairing wines with movies, moods, colors, and erectile dysfunction (yes, you read it right…check out HoseMaster…

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